I received my Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and completed a 2-year program to become a certified holistic Nutrition Consultant (NC) from Bauman College, in Berkeley, CA, as well as a NASM personal trainer.  During my college studies, I learned that the Earth's environmental health is related to our own health choices, from proper nutrition, sleep, exercise, and all aspects of our lifestyle.

Are you wondering where the chickens come in?! I've always loved all types of animals, and always bothered my parents for more. When I moved to some property, I decided to hand-raise organic, pastured chickens for people who didn't want to go through the intense care of baby chicks! Win-win for everyone! I get to handle cute little babies and their chirps and you get a pullet/hen ready to give you eggs for breakfast! Yumm. Who's hungry?

About Alyssa

Hi there!  In case you haven't already guessed, my name is Alyssa aka Aly, and I currently enjoy competing in Olympic weightlifting, yoga, biking, hiking with my pup, dancing in the rain, traveling with my better half, and colorful athletic pants.

I've had quite the journey of health myself, from being overweight as a young child despite being extremely active to chronic small intestine pain, battling countless sport injuries throughout my life, eczema, and even anaphylactic food allergies at 23,  nutrition was never brought into the picture by other professionals. That's when I decided to take my life into my own hands, get to the root cause of all these issues, and help mitigate my daily symptoms, but something much deeper had been festering for many years, unbenounced to me.

My body was out of balance, more than I was aware of, and at 26 I was diagnosed with a rare form of Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. I had the nutrition and lifestyle hammered down, but what I was missing was toxins from my environment throughout my life, a main source being glyphosate, as I worked directly with it in college... no masks, no hazmat suits, no gloves, and I only wore pants because we worked in tick-ville! So, now I'm hear to help others in ALL aspects of life to find the ROOT CAUSE of your chronic illness.

I strive to help people find their root cause by using my holistic nutrition schooling and what I have gone through in my personal health journey. I help to answer my clients questions, "why me? Why now? WHAT now?" It can seem like a dark and lonely road through a conventional doctors eye, I've been there, so I am here to light the way and show you that there are ways to help mitigate your symptoms through a diet and lifestyle change, and to help create a more functional and less painful day-to-day life.

Holistic Lifestyle Philosophy

I believe in the connection of the mind, body, and spirit.  The key to that connection for an individual's overall well-being includes incorporating happiness, self-love, stress management, proper exercise, sleep habits, relationships with family, and nourishment through food.  That's what I am here to teach and help others be the best version of themselves.

Ready for Change?

Let's work together to rebuild your health focused around your goals for a lifestyle change.